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6 Ways Locum Tenens Jobs Can Land You a Leadership Role

Working locum tenens jobs offers countless advantages: flexible scheduling, extra income, and travel opportunities, to name just a few. But there are other far-reaching professional benefits you may not have considered. In fact, the skills you hone through your experience as a locum tenens physician can be pivotal in paving your way to a leadership role.

Recently, a Becker’s Hospital Review article highlighted key trends that emerged from its fifth annual CEO/CFO roundtable on physician leadership. The article noted that in past years, physician leaders were often appointed based on their case volume. This meant the busiest doctors assumed administrative responsibilities for the department.

Today, however, physician leaders require genuine leadership skills and strong business savvy, in addition to emotional intelligence and keen self-awareness—skills that often go hand in hand with locum tenens. Here, we share six ways locum tenens jobs can improve your chances of achieving a leadership role:

Lower rates of burnout

The hospital executive panelists agreed that many physicians apply for leadership roles because they are burnt out by their clinical practice. But, they say, this is not the ideal reason to seek a new position. Locum tenens physicians, on the other hand, are continually trying new things and have a significantly lower rate of burnout, making them appealing candidates for leadership positions.

Experience taking charge

The best leaders have proven successful in an array of different roles, many that exemplify their ability to help others succeed. Locum tenens doctors are masters at accepting new challenges and stepping in to take charge whenever necessary.

Strong character traits

The panel experts identified certain essential qualities they look for in a physician leader, including decisiveness and confidence. Sound familiar? These are the same qualities successful locum tenens providers already possess.

Excellent communication skills

An essential tool in effective leadership is productive communication. With several locum tenens jobs listed on your resume, there can be no doubt about your communication skills. Locum tenens doctors rely on their strengths in communication to hit the ground running again and again.

Healthy work/life balance

Hospital executives are looking for physician leaders who can get the job done well while also maximizing their time away from the office. Locum tenens doctors tend to be incredibly adept at this, quickly learning to get the most out of every situation, both at work and after hours.

Continuing clinical work

Even after accepting a leadership role, physicians should continue to do some clinical work, experts agree. This is important because it adds to a leader’s credibility. Since many locum tenens providers have a long-standing passion for treating patients, this is a good fit. Overall, locum tenens doctors are known for their readiness to step in and provide patient care whenever it is needed.

So, as you reap the benefits of the locum tenens lifestyle, rest assured that you are also increasing your long-term career options. A resume that boasts locum tenens experience can help open many doors. Check out 7 Reasons Why Physicians Work Locum Tenens for more ways short-term jobs can help you grow.

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