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It may seem like there’s a lot to know about working locum tenens, but we’re here to ensure it feels manageable and achievable. With as little hassle as possible.

Is there another doctor in the house?

If you’ve felt the pinch of having more patients to see and not enough time to see them, you’re not alone. Today’s healthcare system is overworked. And providers across the country are feeling it.

What’s fueling the doctor shortage:

  • Growth in the oldest segment of our population
    means more people need healthcare
  • Millions more patients now have insurance
  • Physicians retiring or leaving practice
    are outpacing new doctors
    entering practice

In addition to full-time staff, hospitals need to fill temporary gaps when a doctor goes on vacation or when they’re searching for a full-time candidate. Locum tenens can also be used for increased patient demand as well as for battling burnout, a growing concern in healthcare.

Finding time for locum tenens.

With locum tenens, flexibility is a powerfully liberating advantage. Assignments range from a single shift to multiple weeks or months. It’s completely up to you.

Is locum tenens right for you?

Five questions to ask yourself about locum tenens.

1. Would I like to experience different practice settings?

Many providers use locum tenens as a way to gain valuable experiences they just can’t get in their current facility. It’s also a great way to build their CV.

2. Am I confident in my clinical competency?

The temporary nature of locum tenens doesn’t allow for lengthy orientations. Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are expected to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

3. Will my schedule accommodate temporary assignments?

Locum tenens contracts vary in length depending on the needs of the facility. This scheduling flexibility is what many find appealing about the career alternative.

4. Can I live away from home and family for days or weeks at a time?

Temporary absences from family are a reality. To make it easier, many providers make traveling with their family a part of their assignment. But it is something to discuss as a family.

5. Do I have my finances in order?

We will help cover costs of travel, housing, licensing, credentialing, and more while on duty, but you will operate as an independent contractor—not an employee. You are responsible for paying state and federal income tax for each assignment’s earnings.

Frequently asked questions about locum tenens.

1. Why would I want to take locum tenens jobs?

There are many reasons why doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants work locum tenens, including greater scheduling flexibility, fewer administrative responsibilities, experiencing a variety of clinical settings, and supplementing income.

2. Who provides malpractice insurance coverage?

Weatherby Healthcare covers malpractice insurance for every locum tenens assignment.

3. Do I become an employee of the locum tenens agency?

The short answer is no. Locum tenens physicians remain independent contractors; however, physician assistants and nurse practitioners may become staffing company employees.

4. Who arranges travel and housing details?

While on assignment, our extensive team will manage all aspects of your travel and housing so you can focus on providing care.

5. Why do I need a consultant?

At Weatherby Healthcare, your consultant is specialized in your field. Plus, they don’t just send along potential jobs, they help you through every step of the process, from providing interview tips to licensing and credentialing.

What to look for in a locum tenens agency.

When considering working locum tenens, knowing what an agency should offer you is important:

  • Specialized consultants
  • Top pay for jobs nationwide
  • Comprehensive malpractice insurance
  • Credentialing and licensing services

This is just the beginning. Click below to see more benefits.


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