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When you explore the many benefits of locums work, you want a consultant who can guide you to the best possible experience. We empower you to achieve your goals in work and life. Nobody does locums like we do.

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A Weatherby consultant smiles while working at her desk.
A Weatherby consultant smiles while working at her desk. A Weatherby consultant smiles while working at her desk.

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You may know the main benefits of locums, including the opportunity to earn more money, improve work/life balance, and travel. But with so many advantages, there may be aspects to the work you haven't considered.

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Increased income

Locums work is a great way to supplement your full-time salary or earn more on average. Many assignments pay higher rates than permanent positions.

Flexibility and control

You choose when and where you want to work. You have more control over your schedule and more freedom to do the things you love with the people who matter in your life.

Variety and skill development

Locums offers a wide variety of healthcare settings, so you gain valuable experience with new systems, equipment, and patient populations to develop a broader skill set.

Work through transitions

Locums provides flexible work when transitioning to a new role, after residency or fellowship, or into retirement.

Reduced administrative tasks

Locums physicians are typically relieved of administrative tasks, such as billing and coding. You can focus on patient care.

Travel opportunities

Short-term assignments are a great opportunity to travel and experience new places without long-term commitment.

A Weatherby consultant takes a call and smiles at his desk.

How does locums work?

Find out how locums works by connecting with a professional consultant. There’s a lot to know to get the most out of locums, and there’s no substitute for experience. Here’s what you can expect at Weatherby:

  • Specialized expert consultants get to know your needs to find you the right job.
  • A licensing and credentialing team leads you through the process and covers associated costs.
  • You get malpractice insurance, including tail insurance, for your assignments.
  • Travel and housing experts handle your accommodation needs, including any fees.
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Hear what physicians say about locums.

  • “I fell back in love with practicing medicine. I’m 100% happy that I made the decision to try locums.”

    — Dr. Jeanine Ricca

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  • “I realized I had full flexibility and was getting paid more doing locums than I was at my full-time job.”

    — Dr. Ali Chaudhary

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  • “Locums has revitalized my career. I look forward to coming to work. It’s a reasonable position, the people are great, and the workload is good.”

    — Dr. Albert Belardi

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