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How to know you’ve got a good locum tenens recruiter

A good locum tenens recruiter

You’re committed to working locum tenens jobs next year and are looking forward to your first assignment — but how do you know whether your recruiter has your best interests in mind and will help you find places suited to your skills and personality? Here are some things to look for in a good locum tenens recruiter.

Your recruiter respects your privacy

If you prefer to be contacted only by text message or email, and only once a week, you should let your recruiter know — and he or she should honor that request. Recruiters who frequently call you with new opportunities or send jobs to you daily via email, especially when you’ve asked them not to, probably aren’t the best fit for you.

Be honest about your requirements for locum tenens jobs and how often you’d like to be contacted, and find a recruiter who puts you first.

Your recruiter is easy to reach

Just as it’s important to find someone who doesn’t call you at all hours of the day, it’s also crucial to find a recruiter who’s available to answer your questions, solve housing or travel issues, or speak to you in an emergency.

Find out how your recruiter prefers to be contacted, and then make sure you can get a hold of him or her whenever the need arises (or even if you simply need to talk to someone about a bad day).

Your recruiter finds jobs you’re suited for

Every locum tenens assignment will be different, and you may end up having the best experience in a rural hospital you wouldn’t have dreamed of ever working in. However, your recruiter should keep your preferences and skill set in mind when looking for jobs you can fill. If you’d prefer to work in urban areas instead of rural or would like a job in the Midwest instead of the Southeast, make sure your recruiter knows that.

While it helps to be flexible both on location and practice setting, your recruiter should mainly be sending you jobs that match your requirements and discussing other options with you once you have a few assignments under your belt.

Your recruiter simplifies the job search

You can certainly help your recruiter narrow down options by sending him or her locum tenens jobs that interest you, but your recruiter should do the heavy lifting and be actively looking for opportunities that might interest you.

He or she should also give you tips for improving your CV, interviewing in person and over the phone, and getting paperwork in order for licensing and credentialing. You should feel less stress about finding the right job knowing your recruiter has your back.

Your recruiter knows your specialty

If you’re a neurologist, your recruiter should understand what facilities are looking for in a neurologist and help you find a position that matches their expectations and yours. He or she should be familiar with the pay ranges for your specialty, the different types of work settings, and the duties and demands each job will require.

Recruiters who have experience with your specialty will also know what other physicians they’ve placed have enjoyed and can help you find the same satisfaction.

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