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MyWeatherby digital portal FAQ

What is the MyWeatherby digital portal?

The MyWeatherby portal is a central place where you can manage your locums tenens assignments with Weatherby Healthcare. The portal was built specifically to help providers stay organized and quickly access assignment details.

Why should I use the MyWeatherby portal?

Using the portal makes it easy to find information about your assignment, submit information, and upload documents to Weatherby. Using the portal saves time and keeps everything in one place.

What information is available to me through the portal?

In the portal, you will find all the details you need for your assignments, helping you feel better prepared and focused before you arrive.

  • View dates and details of active, confirmed, and completed assignments
  • Locate first-day information, such as the name and address of the facility you will be working at, schedule, dress code, where to park, who to contact upon arrival, and other helpful details
  • Access flight/travel itineraries and reservations for rental cars and hotels
  • Check on credentialing status and view documents you have uploaded
  • Connect with the support team, including payroll and travel concierge team

How do I access/enroll in the provider portal?

To access MyWeatherby, click on the Login link that can be accessed on any page of the Weatherby website. You can create a new account or recover your password if needed. Contact your Weatherby consultant if you need assistance resetting your login credentials.

What can I do in the portal?

  • Fill out an application for a new assignment
  • Add work history and clinical capabilities
  • Track your time
  • Upload documents needed for credentialing like your driver’s license, diplomas, and training certificates

Is my information private and secure?

Yes. MyWeatherby follows industry best practices for securing your sensitive information.

What should I do if I forget my username and/or password or have technical problems with the portal?

Contact your Weatherby consultant if you are having difficulty logging in or need assistance resetting your login credentials.

What do I do if any of the information in the portal is incorrect?

Contact your consultant if you notice any incorrect information. MyWeatherby’s top priority is making sure your vital information is correct.

Who do I call if I’m having a problem?

Contact your consultant if you experience any problems using the portal.

Which browsers are supported by the portal?

All browsers work with MyWeatherby. For best results, use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

How often do new features get added to the portal?

We are constantly adding new features and looking to improve the portal for ease of use.

If I have an idea for the portal, how do I suggest it?

We value your input. If you have ideas or feedback, share them with your consultant.

Updated Nov. 19, 2021