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Time Approval Gu​​​ide​​​​

Access the online time approval system

For information on navigating the time approval system, watch this video or read the guide below.

At the end of each week, you will receive an email from Peoplenet, our online time approval platform, to approve timesheets. Clicking on the "Approve Timesheets" button will allow you to view all timesheets that are needing your approval. View Image

Approve Time

Once in the system, you will see all providers that have entered time, including their total hours and associated work locations. View Image

To view a detailed description of the timesheet submitted by the provider, click on "Total Hours." A PDF window will pop up. You can print the timesheet for your records, if needed. View Image

You are also able to click on the " " icon, back on the main page, to view comments left by the provider. This button will only appear if comments have been entered. View Image

By clicking on the green check mark " ", back on the main page, you are able to approve all time entered by the provider. If there are mileage and tolls entered by the provider you will be brought to a page to view them. Click on the "Submit" button to continue to the end of the approval process View Image

You will be then brought to a confirmation page stating that all hours for this period have been resolved.View Image

You will then be asked if there is an alternate approver, to which you will then respond "No," if you are the correct approver, and approving will then be complete.

Dispute Time

To dispute time entered by a provider click on the edit icon " Dispute Time Icon", back on the main page, and you will be brought to the modify timesheet page. View Image

You can then change the total hours entered by the provider under the "New Amount "column to the accurate value. You must enter a reason for the change. If you do not enter a comment, you will get an error requesting you to enter a comment. View Image

Add an Alternate Approver

There are two ways to add an alternate approver:

  1. You can add the alternate approver when prompted at the end of the approval process. View Image
  2. The second way is to select "Alternate Approver" from the menu option in the top right side of the pageAdd Alternate Approver and the Add Alternate Approver page will pop-up.

Remember, the alternate approval designation should be a temporary one, such as when you are going to be away from the office for a short period of time. If you need to permanently change the approver, please contact our helpline to make the change.

View Reports

You have access to a series of reports in the "Reports" section. Select "Reports" from the menu option and then click on the desired report to open it. View Image

Missing Time Sheet Report: This will show a list of Providers that have not submitted time and their corresponding weeks. View Image

Historical Time Sheet Report: This report will show the total hours submitted by Provider and the approval details. View Image

Estimated Hours and Spending Report: This report will show all hours entered by a provider. View Image

Detailed Employee Timesheet Report: This report will show the daily details of all time submitted by a provider by Time Reporting Code. View Image

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