Locum tenens offers key benefits to new physicians.

The most important element of locums is trust.

We’re here to help give your career the start it deserves. From locating the best jobs to easing the burden of malpractice, our goal is to provide service that puts your mind at ease.

Read on to learn more about how locums helps launch your career in the right direction.

Expert guidance.

You’ll be responsible for the cost of incidentals like movie rentals, room service, or other amenities that are not included in the room rate. When checking into a hotel, you’ll need to provide a credit card to cover any expenses charged to the room.

Chances are that you’ve heard of locum tenens. But it’s not until you put it into practice that you can see all the benefits it offers your career.

Partner with a trusted locums agency and they’ll handle many of the hassles of your career, giving you the freedom to practice medicine on your own terms.

  • Access more jobs after medical school

  • Choose your work setting and location

  • Receive credentialing and licensing support

  • Get malpractice insurance covered on assignments

  • Work a schedule that fits your life

Consistent support.

We’ve spent decades establishing a network of top facilities across the nation, and our expert consultants can help you cut through the clutter to find the best jobs that match your skills and preferences.

Consistent Support

Here are a couple of lasting ways our assignments benefit your career:

  • Lower the risk of getting locked into an undesirable contract by first getting to know a facility before accepting a permanent offer.

  • Protect yourself with top malpractice insurance (including tail coverage) in the event of an adverse outcome while on assignment – at no cost to you.

Competitive pay.

Each time you take an assignment with Weatherby Healthcare, your recruiter will go to bat for you. We understand the locum tenens pay rates for your specialty, region, and experience level, and will work with each facility to make sure you’re paid what you’re worth.

A few ways locums helps you reach your financial goals:

Better options.

You deserve a great job. And getting there requires some great jobs to choose from. We’ve spent decades developing strong connections with hospitals and clinics across the country.

So go ahead and choose your location, setting, and schedule. Whether you prefer something close to home or in a different time zone, you’re empowered to explore your career and develop new skills.

Efficient processes.

Even the smoothest roads require effort. The good news is that we’ll do much of the work for you, so your legs are fresh for your first day on the job.

Once you’ve accepted an assignment, our MSS team begins their time-honored tradition of getting you licensed as fast as humanly possible. This includes:

  • Following up on your references

  • Completing paperwork on your behalf

  • Guiding you through the entire process

Exceptional service.

There’s no telling when you’ll need to call on us for support, which is why we always keep the line open. That’s right. We’ve got your back, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our professional services teams consist of dedicated experts in credentialing, licensing, travel, and housing, all committed to your success.

Just remember that you’re our top priority. We’ve been doing locum tenens for more than two decades and have placed thousands of physicians. At any given time, we average about 1,200 open jobs. Yet, each new assignment still feels special to us.

Next steps.


You probably still have questions about locum tenens. We’re here to provide the answers. We’ll help you learn how to evaluate a locums agency to see if they’re the right fit for your needs. And we can also give you a heads up on potential red flags.

The bottom line is that while locums may feel unfamiliar, and even intimidating, we provide a simplified process with no surprises. See for yourself why Weatherby Healthcare is the ideal partner for this stage of your career (and every stage thereafter). Simply fill out the form to get started.

Request a custom search.

We’ll help you save time and find top jobs.

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