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Time approval FAQ.

If you are having trouble using our time approval system, please refer to the frequently asked questions below, grouped by topics. If you are looking for a basic refresher course on how to approve time online, please refer to our Quick Start Guide. For further assistance, call our helpline at 866.588.7585.

Approving time.

You will receive emails as providers submit time.

You will only see the providers who have submitted time. Check to ensure you are reviewing the correct pay period for approval (pay periods are located on the top of the page as tabs). If you are on the correct pay period and still don’t see the provider’s time, then the providers have not yet submitted their time for approval.

The email will be the only access point to the Time Approval page. If you did not receive the email for approval or deleted the email, please call our helpline to have the email resent.

Please check your Spam or email Junk folder and add to your safe-sender list (or you can add as an email contact). If necessary, speak with your client representative to make sure your email on file is accurate.

All timesheets are included with the invoices you will receive. To view previously approved timesheets, once you open the approval link, click on "Reports" tab and click "Historical Time Sheets Report".

To print a provider’s timesheet click on the hours under "Total Hours" to access the detailed timesheet. A PDF will pop up and you can select print from the menu.

You will be contacted by your representative if the provider feels the disputed hours are incorrect. Otherwise, the timesheet will be adjusted per your feedback.

Dispute time.

To dispute time entered, click on the "dispute" icon and change under the "New Amount" column the hours submitted by the provider. You must enter a comment explaining the discrepancy you are submitting.

Dispute the time submitted as described above and change the hours entered by the provider. Add a comment that lunch was not deducted from the total number of hours.

You will be contacted by your representative if the provider feels the disputed hours are incorrect. Otherwise, the timesheet will be adjusted per your feedback.

Alternate approver.

If you need to temporarily assign approval permission to someone else, you can click on the "Alternate Approver" located at the top right-hand corner of the page. Remember this is only a temporary assignment. If you need to permanently change the approver, please contact our helpline at 866.588.7585.

You can choose to receive a copy of the time approval email by selecting the check box "Send me a Copy of the Time Approval Email" when setting up the alternate approver.

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