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Local locums: Caring for patients close to home

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When most people think of locum tenens, they imagine a physician flying across the country or packing multiple suitcases for a long assignment. While it’s true many locum physicians do travel far from home, many others prefer to stay close to home. Here are the stories of three Weatherby Healthcare physicians who have worked only local locum tenens jobs and why it’s the right fit for them.

Easier travel

Dr. Roseann Freundel
Dr. Roseann Freundel

OB/GYN Dr. Roseann Freundel began working locum tenens in 2017. After a few years traveling long distances to assignments, she began looking for locum tenens jobs she could easily drive to. She’s now working in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, just a few hours away from her home in Virginia.

“There are five hospitals in a reasonable driving distance, anywhere from one to five hours from my home, and that’s very doable,” Dr. Freundel says. “I can more easily travel back and forth, so I can shorten the length of some of my assignments, take a couple of days off, and then come back.”

Dr. Freundel says another benefit of working only local locums is that the closer assignments have allowed her to avoid airports and also keep up with work at home.

“There are things you need to do like pay bills and keep up with house stuff when you’re away for a significant period of time. I had no one to take over those chores,” she says. “I can be on assignment for a couple weeks and then come home and take care of all these things.”

More flexibility

Dr. Michael Cormican
Dr. Michael Cormican

For Dr. Michael Cormican, a trauma surgeon and surgical critical care intensivist, locum tenens has given him the flexibility to be able to pick up shifts in his part of Georgia whenever he has a little extra time.

“I’ve got my regular job that keeps me really busy, and then I do as many locum shifts as I can. It’s been really easy to fit it in, and they’ve been pretty accommodating fitting it in around my regular job too.”

Since the hospitals Dr. Cormican fills in at are between two to 15 miles away from his home, he can take local locum tenens jobs without worrying about the travel and just focus on helping people. And the opportunity to learn new things and share his knowledge with the facilities where he picks up assignments is a bonus. “I enjoy it,” Dr. Cormican says. “I enjoy seeing a different side of things, seeing different hospitals, and meeting new people. And seeing how other places do things and impart my ways to different people — all in close proximity — is kind of fun.”

Closer to family

Dr. Stephanie Bui
Dr. Stephanie Bui

Dr. Stephanie Bui, a vascular surgeon, had been working in West Virginia, a 13-hour drive from her home in Missouri. When her parents’ health began to decline, she began considering other options and found a local locum tenens position that allowed her to live much closer to family. Dr. Bui usually works 7-10 days and can then drive just 90 minutes to her parents’ home until her next shift.

“The proximity to home is definitely helpful, because it allows me some flexibility to look in on my parents,” she says.

It also means she doesn’t have to worry about flying and the risk of cancelled flights or other delays.

“I’ll still be able to get to my assignment because I’m driving,” Dr. Bui says. “It’s something so small, but it’s something really impactful. ”

Whether you prefer to stay closer to family or want to avoid traveling as much as possible, local locum tenens jobs can help you supplement your income, gain experience, and enjoy a more flexible schedule.

Interested in a locum tenens opportunity close to home? Give us a call at 954.343.3050 or view today’s locum tenens jobs. 

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