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How well trained is your Weatherby Healthcare consultant?

how well trained is your Weatherby consultant

The relationship between a locum tenens provider and his or her recruiter needs to be a true partnership in order to be successful. The provider brings the clinical skills, experience, and training to provide exemplary patient care at the hiring facility, while the recruiter should have the knowledge and understanding to match you to the right opportunity.

That’s why Weatherby has one of the most robust training programs in the staffing industry. Every Weatherby consultant receives extensive and ongoing training to ensure they understand your specialty as well as your strengths and preferences. Here are just a few of the ways Weatherby consultants are trained to provide you with the best possible experience on every locums assignment.

Specialized teams

One of the benefits of working with a staffing leader is that every Weatherby consultant is dedicated to a single specialty. Recruiters from smaller agencies often support multiple specialties, which makes it harder for them to become experts in that area.

At Weatherby, however, each consultant is dedicated to a single specialty. Matthew Gillis, a senior learning and development specialist for Weatherby Healthcare, says, “Our consultants are trained and expected to know every detail of that specialty. They know how doctors in that specialty are scheduled, what they’re required to do, and who they work with.”

“There’s too much risk involved to not be a specialist,” Gillis says. “For the sake of the patient, for the provider, for the hospital, for our company, everything has to be right, and that’s what being specialty-specific does. It allows our consultants to be experts.”

People focused

Putting people first is more than just a saying at Weatherby Healthcare. We strive to live it in everything we do. Weatherby’s training program also teaches our consultants to focus more on the people and not just matching providers to open jobs.

“I tell new employees in training that you’re going to hear this all the time. It has to be real; it has to be talked about every day; it has to be implemented; it has to be rewarded,” Gillis says.

This focus elevates the relationship between a recruiter and provider to a higher level. Debra Forte, a senior director at Weatherby, says, “Our goal is for providers to have the confidence to think, for example, ‘My consultant might know if California is a good place for me because he knows what I’m looking for; he knows my hobbies, the balance that I want. They really can become trusted advisors to their providers.”

Continuous improvement

Becoming an expert in staffing a specialty doesn’t happen overnight, so Weatherby focuses on continuous training and improvement. Formal classroom training at Weatherby is extensive, consisting of several months of daily classroom instruction, followed by supplemental training through the first year of employment.

“We want our new consultants to feel 100% comfortable and have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools to be successful when they step into their new role,” Forte says.

Classroom training is supplemented by regular coaching and support that encourages continuous learning and improvement. “We want our consultants to get better each and every day,” Gillis says. “We want them to grow as individuals and understand their specialty better.”

recruiters meet for team training and coaching

Team experience

Weatherby also enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates in the staffing industry. As a result, every specialty team benefits from a depth of experience.

“This experience is extremely important,” Forte stresses. “We don’t want our doctors to waste their time talking to somebody that doesn’t know if an assignment would be good for them. When a provider goes into a setting that’s not good for them — where they won’t thrive — you’re putting their livelihood in jeopardy. We really care about quality and want our providers to have a good experience with every assignment.”

The bottom line? Weatherby consultants are trained to help you be successful with every assignment. Give us a call at 954.343.3050 to experience the Weatherby difference yourself.

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