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5 Smartphone Photo Tips for Locum Tenens Providers

Couple photographed on a cell phone skyscrapers of Hong Kong

Couple photographed on a cell phone skyscrapers of Hong KongAs a locum tenens physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, you have the ability to routinely take your expertise on the road. In addition to presenting you with countless opportunities to broaden your clinical horizons, the locum lifestyle can bring you to other parts of the country, which may include changes of scenery, distinct landmarks, and fresh faces.

Like many people who find themselves in new surroundings, you may want to document some of your experiences through photos. And today—thanks to the smartphone and social networking sites, like Instagram and Facebook—it has never been easier to share your story in real time with family and friends.

Last week, via its Travel section, The Huffington Post revealed several suggestions, provided by a creative tourism company, for taking sensational travel photos. As part of its informational tours, Foto Ruta gives travelers tips on the best ways to chronicle journeys—and the moments that comprise them—with a camera.

  1. Create the mood. As The Huffington Post article notes, once you determine the atmosphere you want to communicate, simply choose an app or filter that complements the mood.
  2. Experiment with angles. Think about different perspectives; framing your shots in unexpected ways can really make photos pop. Consider a bird’s-eye view, for instance, or taking a picture from ground level.
  3. Close-up! Foto Ruta recommends testing your camera’s limits to learn more about what you can create. iPhones and most Androids have continuously improved technology to help smartphone users focus up close and capture detail.
  4. Refrain from using the digital zoom. Quality can be compromised when you use this feature on your smartphone. Instead, concentrate on your subject, take the picture, and crop it later.
  5. Find the light. If you want to achieve a crisp photo, look for the light and play around with it until you get the desired result. Conversely, the lower the light, the grainier the photo.

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