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3 tips for choosing the right locum tenens agency

Weatherby Healthcare - choosing the right locum tenens agency - featured image of Dr. Demetri Poulis and Weatherby consultant Hopal Watson-Grenion

General surgeon Dr. Demetri Poulis says that at first, it was just luck that brought him to Weatherby Healthcare. Looking back on his locum tenens experience so far, he’s got more perspective on choosing the right locum tenens agency than he had back then. Here are three key insights he shares on what to look for and why this relationship works for him.

“I had gotten a few names and called Weatherby, but now that I know what Weatherby is all about, I would never go anywhere else.”

1. Step by step guidance through the whole locums process

When you talk with Dr. Poulis about his experiences on assignment, you can tell that his consultant relationship is key. Travel to new places and adapting to new practice settings can be stressful. It helps to have a locum tenens expert to walk you through the process of finding an assignment, getting the paperwork in order, and reassuring you about countless travel and housing details. Your consultant is also the one who ideally is looking out for your interests on pay and scheduling.

Weatherby Healthcare - choosing the right locum tenens agency - image of general surgeon Dr. Demetri Poulis

2. Quick follow up on issues and questions that may arise

When questions come up on assignment, or when Dr. Poulis needs help with a contract detail, his consultant usually responds within a couple of hours. His confidence that his agency is going to follow up on his behalf makes it easy for him to focus on delivering quality care and maintaining his work-life balance. He can take assignments knowing that things are going to be set up according to his needs and preferences, and that resolution is a phone call away in the rare cases when something is out of alignment.

3. Assurance that you’ll be valued as a whole person

Dr. Poulis knows that he’s more than a number to his chosen staffing company. His consultant values him as a friend. Having worked together through several assignments, they’ve gotten to know one another on a personal level. His consultant knows him well enough to seek out the jobs that will be the best fit, not just during his working hours, but also when he’s taking time off. She’s able to anticipate his travel and housing requirements and place him in locations that also meet his family and recreational needs.

“There’s no reason for me to go anywhere else. This is perfect.”

The level of trust that Dr. Poulis has with his consultant makes his locum tenens lifestyle a perfect fit. If you’d like to find out more about the level of service you get from a Weatherby consultant, you can begin exploring here.

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