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Locum Tenens Allows for Practice after Retirement

Ali Kavianian_300Many professionals look forward to retirement, contemplating the things they will enjoy—and those they no longer have to do—when they stop working. But, once they have fully given up their calling, it is not uncommon for clinicians to feel a void or sense of loss.

It’s a scenario to which Ali R. Kavianian, MD, FACS, can relate. While the pediatric surgeon was at the pinnacle of his career—in terms of practice, experience, and making a difference in the lives of his patients and their families—he retired. Shortly thereafter, he began to feel as if he were wasting his knowledge and expertise. Because he knew he had more to offer.

Ten months into his retirement, Dr. Kavianian started accepting locum tenens assignments. Here, he talks about sharing his passion for medicine with new physicians and what providers preparing to retire should consider.

Mentoring new physicians

I have been practicing for about 50 years; it just makes sense to share my experience with the new generation of providers. Since I started locum tenens practice, I have met a number of young physicians who have been very receptive to my insights. They really value my perspectives, and I enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences with them.

Advice to retiring clinicians

Before I retired, I never thought about working locum tenens. Honestly, I didn’t know about the possibilities that exist. My advice to providers who are preparing for retirement: try the locum tenens practice alternative. In addition to helping alleviate the shortage of quality, caring physicians, you can continue to practice and also impart your knowledge to others, which is very rewarding.

My love of the medical profession and taking care of patients are what keep me going. I know many other MDs feel the same way. While personal commitments, scheduling, and other factors have to be considered, if you have a passion for your career and your practice, I am 100 percent sure you’ll enjoy working locum tenens and will want to continue doing it.

For more insights from Dr. Kavianian on semi-retirement and locum tenens practice, check out his “Your Career in Healthcare” podcast interview with Tim Rush of ReachMD.

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