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Locum Tenens Spotlight: Dr. Jeremy Johnson

Dr. Jeremy Johnson

Flying to and from locum tenens jobs is the norm for most physicians — but for Dr. Jeremy Johnson, driving an RV to nearby assignments is much more comfortable.

“Driving my RV to jobs within a few hours of my home allows me to have my own space and my own bed, kitchen and bathroom,” Dr. Johnson says. “I used to spend a lot of time in hotels, and they felt foreign to me. Most of the time I’m by myself, but I also like to travel with my wife and dogs, and the RV makes trips more comfortable and less expensive.”

As an active duty emergency physician, Dr. Johnson is limited in types of positions he can accept, so he appreciates the opportunities locum tenens affords him.

“I’ve been in the army for 22 years, and locum tenens is the only way I can do other medical work outside of active duty,” he says. “I can’t take a regular job, so this gives me the flexibility of working where I want.”

While credentialing requirements are the biggest challenge for Dr. Johnson, he says he’s used to working in different emergency rooms and enjoys meeting new patients and staff members on his locum tenens assignments.

“The staff takes care of you, and you have someone to take care of you at Weatherby Healthcare,” Dr. Johnson says. “I like that Weatherby isn’t a mega company and doesn’t feel like that, and I’ve never had any problems.”

With nearly eight years of locum tenens experience, Dr. Johnson is quick to tell doctors new to the practice to take it easy at first but go with the flow.

“Don’t agree to a ton of shifts up front until you understand what the facility is like. It may not be a good facility for you because of the structure or staff, and you’re stuck there once you agree to a contract,” he says. “You can’t really prepare yourself for locum tenens work, so you learn as you go — but nothing has been so daunting that I couldn’t handle it. That’s the beauty of locums: If something doesn’t work, you move on.”

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