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Mental health help

It’s one thing to place doctors in communities that need them; it’s another thing entirely to see first-hand the amazing work that our doctors do. As a Weatherby Healthcare consultant, it’s John Bonney’s job to find locum tenens jobs for psychiatrists. His work brings mental health help to people that need it. However, his perspective changed in one day when his own family needed mental health help.

John’s wife Nicole gave birth to their second child, Theo, in June of 2018. He was a particularly fussy baby, screaming and crying nearly constantly. Plus, Nicole was still grieving the loss of her mother who passed away due to cancer in October of 2016. One day, John came home from work. Theo was in his crib crying, and Nicole was on the floor of their bedroom, also crying. With his knowledge of psychiatry from work, John knew that Nicole should be admitted.

She went to an in-patient psych unit for postpartum depression, where she was able to get the care and treatment she needed. Many people would have to worry about missing work to help their loved one get care, but since John works for Weatherby, he got the flexibility and time off that he needed, so that Nicole could focus on feeling better.

“They cared about us as a family,” said Nicole. “Weatherby is about taking care of the patients, and at that point, we were the patients. We were the family that needed to be taken care of.”

John’s work still means placing psychiatrists and improving mental health in the communities we send them to, but now he has seen how his own wife’s life changed with the right medical care. At Weatherby, we’re constantly grateful and humbled by the work that our doctors and employees do to make life better for patients. Thank you the amazing work you do!

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