5 Physicians Who Used Locum Tenens to Benefit Their Careers

We featured 12 healthcare providers — including physicians, NPs and PAs — on our blog in 2016 and loved hearing their stories. Whether they took locum tenens jobs to supplement their incomes or to start fresh after family tragedy, these providers had figured out a way to enjoy working in medicine.

Check out these quotes from our top five physicians of 2016, and find out how locum tenens has improved their careers:

Dr. David BybeeYou can ease into retirement slowly

“Locum tenens is great because it allows me to be involved in people’s care in a very deep and personal way,” Dr. David Bybee says. “If you’ve come to the point where you’re wanting to practice medicine, but not full time, and devote yourself to being a doctor, this is a great way to do it.”

The endocrinologist had spent his career practicing in Kentucky and planned to teach at the University of Louisville in retirement.

Instead, he found himself exclusively working locum tenens in Fargo, N.D. — halfway between Louisville and he and his wife’s new home in Canada.

“I love what I do. I really like caring for patients and getting to know them. Being a doctor is the best job on earth,” Dr. Bybee says. “Practicing medicine but limiting the amount I do that so I can start on other things I intended to do in retirement has been a real beauty.”

Dr. Simran KalraYou can find great jobs right out of residency

“Locum tenens is great because you get diverse exposure to different opportunities and see different populations of people you may not necessarily ever interact with,” Dr. Simran Kalra expresses.

“I thought I’d work locum tenens temporarily until I figured out where I wanted to settle down, but I love doing it and don’t see an end in the future.”

Originally from Maryland, the pediatrician took her first job after finishing her residency in 2012. She wanted more clinical experience and only planned to work locum tenens for a short time.

More than four years later, she doesn’t see an end in sight because she loves the flexibility.

“I like being able to focus on helping patients instead of the business side of medicine, and that’s what I primarily spend my time doing,” Dr. Kalra says. “I enjoy traveling and being able to make my own schedule.”

Dr. David ThomasYou can work part-time for a change of pace

“Locum tenens helps you by keeping you operating and your surgical skills sharp,” Dr. David Thomas says. “I didn’t know how much locums would change who I am as a person. I’ve had many unique patient encounters and been able to have a huge impact on families in their times of need.”

The military surgeon says locum tenens jobs are popular in the military because they help physicians earn extra money and keep working when case volumes are low.

He heard about Weatherby Healthcare from colleagues and decided to give temporary jobs a try.

“I enjoy the different experiences offered with locum tenens. The jobs are exciting and new,” he says. “Locum tenens has allowed me to travel and see new places that I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. It has also broadened my experiences and will help when it is time to leave the military.”

Dr. Jelica MazeYou can make time for your family

“I was able to take the maternity leave I thought was best for me and my family through doing locum tenens work,” Dr. Jelica Maze says. “I worked full-time before my son was born, but once I was ready to return to work I could only manage two weeks a month. Fortunately, Weatherby Healthcare is able to accommodate that schedule.”

Though it is hard for the cardiologist to be away from her family for weeks at a time, she says she actually has more time with them when she’s at home. Dr. Maze can set the vacations she wants, work only the schedule she chooses and take jobs that are sometimes just an hour-long flight away.

“As a locum tenens doctor, I am completely involved in patient care because there are no administrative or political hassles — and that’s what I love to do,” she says. “It is very rewarding to be able to help out in areas of need. Your work is really valued by the patients and your peers.”

Dr. Arturo PerezYou can travel while you’re still working

“If you want to have an adventure in your career, locum tenens is the way you can accomplish it. You can travel with your family or wait until your kids are independent,” Dr. Arturo Perez says. “I love traveling, meeting new people and doing something different.”

When the family practice physician’s two daughters were grown and he and his wife were looking for new experiences, Dr. Perez did a search for locum tenens jobs. He’s been working with Weatherby Healthcare for nearly a year and is happy with his choice.

“Since taking locum tenens assignments, I have more time for me. It’s helped me learn that medicine and treating patients is not the only thing in life,” he says. “Locum tenens can bring other adventures and help me in my career.”

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