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Dr. Larry Daugherty: Radiating Hope Because of Locum Tenens Physicians

Dr. Larry Daugherty enjoys his work at a multidisciplinary cancer center in Anchorage, Alaska. As the only radiation oncologist in the area, however, he has to plan ahead when he takes time off. That means hiring locum tenens physicians to take his place.

Providing uninterrupted coverage through locum tenens providers

“I usually take a week off at a time, so I need to bring in a locum tenens physician that covers me. I have an established relationship with Weatherby Healthcare, and they send me a list of physicians available for the dates I’m gone and CVs to review,” Dr. Daugherty says. “It’s actually not hard for me to find physicians interested in coming up to Alaska for a week. I now have a pool of three or four go-to physicians who are usually available to come and cover for me.”

Connecting with the right locum tenens agency

While in residency, Dr. Daugherty took locum tenens jobs himself with Weatherby Healthcare. He says the experience was invaluable — and years later, he continues to work with Weatherby Healthcare to staff his own practice.

“My relationship with Weatherby Healthcare has enabled me to have a predictable and reliable pool of physicians we like, trust and are acquainted with,” Dr. Daugherty expresses. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving and having a new physician all the time who hasn’t worked up here before. Weatherby Healthcare just works well for me, my staff and my administration.”

Making time for your passions

Dr. Daugherty was drawn to Alaska for the opportunity to race in the Iditarod. When he’s not mushing with dogs, he’s mountain climbing, fishing with his kids or hunting. He says hobbies are important in making you a well-rounded person.

“When I do something awesome outside of work, I feel like I come back to work an even better doctor, dad and husband,” Dr. Daugherty says. “I was scared coming up to a practice all by myself without any partners, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. I do need to plan a little bit more ahead of time, but I’m able to take vacations confidently and comfortably knowing I’m leaving my practice in good hands when I do leave.”

Find out how Dr. Daugherty can focus on his nonprofit, Radiating Hope, with help from locum tenens doctors in his video below!

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