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Top locum tenens agencies – 4 companies to consider

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Sometimes the hardest decision you’ll face is the one that presents you with more than one good option. Physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners have a number of staffing companies to choose from when they’re considering locum tenens work. Sorting out the top locum tenens agencies can be a challenge when there are dozens of choices, from solo recruiters to big corporations.

While it’s true that many locum tenens companies offer certain standard services, it’s not true that one staffing agency is exactly like every other. In fact, it’s because there are so many similarities that the differences become so important. At Weatherby Healthcare, we refer to those differences as our Red Ribbon service.

Of course, we’d like Weatherby Healthcare to be everyone’s No. 1 choice for the best locum tenens company, but we realize it’s a personal decision that depends a lot on individual needs, timing and circumstances. If you’re interested in learning about other staffing agencies, here’s our take on some reputable ones based on shared values, range of services, and NALTO membership.


CompHealth, owned by Weatherby Healthcare’s parent company, also sends physicians across the country to fulfill locum tenens contracts. In addition to working with doctors and advanced practice providers, CompHealth finds opportunities for allied health practitioners as well as healthcare professionals working in medical labs, pharmacies, and imaging and radiology departments. Some providers are surprised to learn that they can enjoy the locum tenens lifestyle full time in many of these specialized practice areas.

Staff Care

Staff Care has stepped into the telehealth market, which increases access to specialists and other providers for small, rural, and understaffed facilities that don’t have the resources or demand to recruit permanent staff. Plus, the agency conducts research initiatives to keep a pulse on the locum tenens industry. Staff Care sometimes cuts costs for client facilities by using automated Vendor Management System (VMS) technology in place of human consultants to match providers with assignments.

Vista Staffing Solutions

If you’re interested in caring for specific populations, such as veterans or American Indians, Vista Staffing Solutions contracts with government-run healthcare facilities that serve these patients as well as contracting with more traditional hospitals and private practice groups. Vista offers locum tenens staffing for physicians, advanced practitioners, and allied health.

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6 Reasons to consider Weatherby Healthcare

For more than 20 years, Weatherby Healthcare has been offering locum tenens opportunities, giving physicians greater professional flexibility and assisting facilities in meeting their staffing requirements. Every day, we work to find the best matches across all medical specialties, across all states, and in all kinds of facilities. This breadth of opportunity gives physicians plenty of options to find the assignments that best meet their individual needs.

We also recognize that matching physicians to assignments and facilities is only one factor in the locum tenens process. There are several other elements that deserve attention, too. Our expert staff is on hand at all times to guide you as well as iron out any kinks that come along.

1. NALTO Member

Like the other agencies we’ve highlighted here, Weatherby Healthcare is an active member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO). This independent industry association sets standards and practices for professional conduct by locum tenens staffing businesses.

2. Credentialing expertise

One of the first things  Weatherby Healthcare does when working with locum tenens providers is conduct an internal credentialing process. Our staff are experts at primary source verifications, know the various documentation requirements, and are fluent in the terminology so the process can be completed in a timely and thorough manner. The external credentialing team then uses the confirmed data to quick-start the separate credentialing typically needed to gain hospital privileges for each new contract.

3. Licensing expertise

Weatherby Healthcare licensing experts understand the ins and outs of medical licensing. They collaborate closely with many state boards to stay informed on parameters and deadlines, and they nurture relationships with board contacts that help expedite the licensing process. They assume a project management role, making sure nothing’s overlooked that could delay the issuance of a new license so you can efficiently plan for assignments away from your home state.

4. Travel and housing expertise

Most staffing agencies bill the costs of getting doctors to and from a locum tenens assignment and providing temporary housing during the assignment to the client facility. Weatherby Healthcare travel and housing specialists not only strive to find convenient and comfortable options to make you feel at home while you are away, but there’s always someone available, even after hours, to answer questions or solve unforeseen problems like flight cancellations or housing concerns.

5. Dedicated consultants

Your practice is specialized, and so are our consultants. They become subject matter experts in the specifics of your medical specialty. They stay informed on the latest healthcare trends so they can match you with the best assignments. When you work with a Weatherby consultant, you have an advocate who understands the best assignment fit for your skills and qualifications. Our single focus on your specialty ensures clear and efficient communication between consultant, clinician, and client.

6. Advanced practice providers

Demand for mid-level providers has increased in recent years as facilities seek to free up physicians to handle critical cases. Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) step in to treat less critical conditions, thereby ensuring all patients receive proper care. While some locum tenens agencies only place doctors, we also partner with PAs and NPs so they can experience the many advantages of the locums lifestyle. This diversity also helps our client facilities address staffing strategies on multiple levels.

Your Choice

As the need for healthcare practitioners grows and staffing shortages continue to plague many regions of the country, the locum tenens community is sure to continue evolving and welcoming new members. Physicians, PAs, and NPs will have more options than ever when comparing staffing companies, including those tapping into new platforms, such as Nomad Health, which allows physicians to directly review and negotiate freelance opportunities. If you don’t mind managing all your own travel and negotiation, services like this can be a viable do-it-yourself option.

However, if you like the idea of partnering with an experienced industry leader that’s staffed with experts advocating on your behalf, then give Weatherby Healthcare a call today. One of our consultants can talk you through your options with no obligation on your part. We hope this information will help you choose the locum tenens partner that’s best for you and your career.

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