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Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing media genres. According to a 2021 study, 41% of all American adults have listened to at least one podcast program within the last month, and that percentage is only expected to grow. A podcast is a digital audio, video, or even live-cast story that you can listen to wherever and whenever you want. The format is especially convenient for locum tenens physicians on the road for temporary assignments.

It’s easy to find a podcast discussing any subject you’re interested in — from hobbies and pop culture to Wall Street and medicine. Here are our top picks on several subjects that may pique your interest.

Finance podcasts

Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast

Top Pick: Freedom Formula for Physicians: “Who better to talk to physicians than other physicians and subject-matter experts?” That’s the philosophy promoted on this weekly podcast hosted by tax and financial consultant Dave Denniston, CPA. Inspired by the medical professionals who cared for his daughter when she was born four months premature, Denniston wanted to serve healthcare providers by presenting experts on various financial concerns. He also invites doctors to discuss money-related issues, such as student debt and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Notable mentions:

Doctor Money Matters: Hear from fellow physicians on things such as estate planning, smart investing, and even cryptocurrencies.

Financial Residency: Being married to a physician gives this financial planner a unique perspective on the struggles physicians face.

Money Meets Medicine: Jimmy Turner, MD and financial advisor Ryan Inman combine forces to educate physicians about personal finance.

The Scope of Practice Podcast: This podcast specializes in helping physicians learn how to manage their businesses and personal finances.

The White Coat Investor Podcast: Dive into the details of personal finances as well as professional fiscal matters.

Work/life balance and wellness podcasts

Docs Outside the Box Podcast

Top Pick: Docs Outside the Box: Nii Daako Darko, DO, MBA, FACS, describes his podcast as “stories of ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things to inspire other doctors to think outside the box.” After finishing up his education and certifications, working locums for a year exposed Dr. Darko to new clinical environments and new ways of thinking. He learned how other clinicians break from the confines of medicine to pursue outside interests, which inspired him to start his own podcast. Listen to how fellow physicians created side businesses, have fulfilled medical missions, and contributed to their communities.

Notable mentions:

Create an Unstoppable Life: Dena George, MD, helps physicians learn how to create a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Doctor Me First: Practical advice on how to overcome burnout and stop practicing in a way that leaves you feeling exhausted or numb.

Mojo Mondays with SwagSam: Start your week with a motivational pep talk that can help get you focused.

TED Talks for Podcast Lovers: From the ridiculous to the feel-good, there’s something here for everyone.

The Happy Doc Podcast: Tools and tips that can help you find personal satisfaction in your job.

Professional development podcasts

JAMA Network Podcasts

Top Pick: JAMA Network: Staying current on the latest medical research and journals can be time consuming, but listening to articles and updates via podcasts offers a more accessible method to keep updated and informed. JAMA Network is a highly reputable source for the latest medical news, interviews with authors, advice on professional issues, and in-depth examinations of practice concerns.

Notable mentions:

Physician’s Guide to Doctoring: Physician and non-physician experts are interviewed on a wide range of topics.

ReachMD: A great resource for comprehensive medical coverage. In one episode, Weatherby Healthcare’s Robin Mcalister Mangione, MD, tells about traveling to locums assignments via sailboat!

Rx for Success Podcast: General and vascular surgeon Dr. Randy Cook interviews physician leaders about their road to success.

SoundPractice: The first podcast dedicated to medical practice management.

UCSF Continuing Medical Education: Listen and earn credit while on assignment.

Travel & leisure podcasts

Amateur Traveler Podcast

Top Pick: Amateur Traveler: You never know where a locum tenens opportunity will take you — it could be a few towns away or across the country. Temporary assignments provide physiciansphysician assistants, and nurse practitioners a chance to travel to new and unfamiliar locations. But you don’t have to go into the experience uninformed. Since 2005, Chris Christensen, a.k.a., the Amateur Traveler, has shared his personal perspectives on destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Each location-specific episode highlights places to go, things to see, eats to taste, and much more.

Notable mentions:

Wild Ideas Worth Living: Inspiring podcast about fun, work, and living, with an emphasis on enjoying the outdoors.

Switchbacks: Hear one couple’s insights and advice after a year of visiting all 59 U.S. national parks.

Article last updated Dec. 17, 2021

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Anne Baye Ericksen is a journalist and locum tenens subject-matter expert with more than two decades of experience. She was a regular contributor to LocumLife, Healthcare Traveler and Healthcare Staffing and Management Solutions magazines.


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