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Hearing from the healthcare providers and clients we serve is critical to Weatherby Healthcare’s mission. We need to know where we excel and where we don’t, and we’re always trying to improve. That’s why we value the Weatherby Healthcare reviews we receive from our customers. We use the Net Promoter approach to survey customers to determine their satisfaction and hear their feedback in their own words.

We’re proud of, and grateful for the overwhelmingly number of positive responses we’ve received over the past year, and we’re just as grateful to those who pointed out areas that need improvement. Your feedback is helping us improve our processes and identifying where they need refining.

Positive feedback from our physicians, PAs, and NPs

Here are a sample of Weatherby Healthcare reviews from providers who rated our performance highly: 

“I’ve had the same recruiter for 10 years. I think that says it all. The process is seamless, from getting a job to credentialing to travel. Detail-oriented people.” 

“My Weatherby consultant has been remarkably great at finding excellent locums opportunities for me in the five years I’ve been ‘retired.’ I’ve turned away all other locum companies’ offers and have never been without a great experience.” 

“My consultant has been very responsive in getting me positions that fit my schedule without pressuring. She is always positive, and I can ‘see’ her smile over the phone when I talk to her.” 

“All the Weatherby consultants/representatives with whom I work, have done and continue to do a phenomenal job on my behalf.”

“My contact there has been wonderful to work with. I can tell he listens to my needs and advocates for me.”

Where we can improve the provider experience

Although we scored well overall, a perfect 10 we’re not, as shown by these Weatherby Healthcare reviews:

“Good at finding jobs for docs, booking travel, facilitating changes when needed, but poor at ensuring a hospital touches base with physicians prior to a job and that they have necessary badges, pass codes, dictation codes, contact information, IT support, etc.”

“My only minor complaint was that the academic site where I worked was not really familiar with working with locum tenens and had a lot of ongoing medical staff training requirements that would ‘pop-up’ every few months.”

“Good response from people who were responsible for smooth work conditions. However, sometimes it was hard to hear back quickly if I had questions.” 

Weatherby Healthcare client team

Kudos from clients

Here is a sampling of the positive feedback we received from our healthcare facility clients in their Weatherby Healthcare reviews:

“Weatherby has always provided quality locums, even at last minute. Our consultant is absolutely top notch and extremely responsive to everything we need. Excellent staff to work with. I recommend Weatherby to all my colleagues who are looking to utilize locum tenens.” 

“I know exactly who to contact about each specialty and always get a prompt response. In addition, the candidates are well vetted and the majority have done an excellent job for us.” 

“Great, efficient and dependable professionals; representative is always prompt and will go the extra mile to attend your needs and the best fit. They have been helping my practice for four years, and I’m extremely satisfied with their services and professionals. I strongly recommend Weatherby Healthcare to my colleagues.” 

“First time experience utilizing locums, I found my contact to be very knowledgeable, understanding of our needs, and willing to assist in every way she could.”

“Communication along with trust are reasons I continue to use Weatherby for our locum needs.”

Areas of improvement

Here are a few areas where clients said we still need to improve:

“In the past, I had excellent results working with my Weatherby consultant. However, this last MD was a challenge, and I don’t believe his credentialing file was up to par. I took a chance on him and later realized, when I had difficulty obtaining current information on him, I should have passed. Everyone at Weatherby is extremely helpful and always there when I have an issue. This was just not a good fit.”

“Too many layers of who is doing what regarding credentialing. Confusing and redundant.”

“Often have several contacts and Weatherby personnel checking on status of applicants. Communicating with one individual would result in fewer emails and repeated updating.”

Share your feedback

We truly want your feedback — positive, negative, or both. Please give us a call at 954.343.3050 or leave a comment for us below.

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Bill Heller

Bill Heller is the president of Weatherby Healthcare and has nearly 20 years of both physician and nurse staffing experience. He is known for delivering exceptional service to clients and providers and for his commitment to developing those around him.

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