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What does a physician recruiter do? A Weatherby consultant’s day

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Throughout our professional lives, we form many different relationships, with co-workers, mentors, and peers. However, few work-based relationships develop ties as close as those between locum tenens providers and their consultants, sometimes known as physician recruiters.

After all, your staffing representative knows as much about the locum tenens lifestyle as the clinicians who travel to assignments. They walk alongside you every step of the way. In fact, providers and consultants check in with each other so often that genuine friendships develop.

What does a physician recruiter do?

Locum tenens physicians place a high level of trust in their consultants. To give you an insider’s view of what physician recruiters actually do for you, we spent a day behind the scenes with Weatherby consultant Andrew Munn. This is how life looks on the other end of the phone.

“It’s the most rewarding thing I do. Some of the doctors I’ve been working with for years have become my best friends. They’ve come to my wedding, and I’ve met their families.” ~ Andrew Munn

Special occasions aside, most provider-consultant relationships occur over the phone. What physicians may not be able to discern from those calls – or text messages and emails – is the effort consultants put in on your behalf while you’re practicing medicine. Of course, they’re always watching for the next locum tenens opportunity that fits your preferences and clinical skills.

Weatherby Healthcare - what does a physician recruiter do - image of Weatherby consultant Andrew Munn on the phone with a locum tenens physician
Andrew Munn
Weatherby Healthcare Consultant

The consultant coordinates a team that’s working for you

Your Weatherby locum tenens consultant is your primary point of contact, but they have a whole team of experts looking out for your interests. Every day, they also confer with other Weatherby Healthcare specialists to ensure that privileges and licenses are secured. They communicate with travel and housing departments and follow up with clients to make sure expectations on both sides are met.

That’s still not the end of the conversation. Consultants follow up after a contract’s conclusion, too. Then the process begins all over again to get you perfectly matched with your next opportunity. Even if you choose to take a break between assignments, most likely your consultant will give you a call to catch up on what you’ve been doing.

The personal connection is genuine

Perhaps the one thing consultants would like locum tenens providers to realize about their side of the relationship is that they’re invested in making every assignment a rewarding and successful experience.

“This isn’t just something we come into the office for to get a paycheck. It’s a passion and we not only put our doctors first, but also our clients.”

This quick video lets you see at a glance what the right physician recruiter can do for you. Visit Weatherby Healthcare to learn more about locum tenens jobs that are open now in your specialty.


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