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What makes Weatherby Healthcare different?

It’s not new news that the physician shortage has driven up demand for locum tenens providers to fill staffing gaps at all types and sizes of healthcare facilities. One of the outcomes stemming from this growing need is an expansion of the staffing industry. Physicians now have a greater number of locum tenens companies with which to partner. Sometimes, though, a wealth of options can blur the distinctions between healthcare staffing agencies, especially when the overwhelming majority comply with standard practices. At Weatherby Healthcare, we believe the quality of our service stands out in the industry. Here’s what distinguishes us as a top locum tenens company.

Welcome to the Weatherby Healthcare family

“I have never seen a more dedicated group of professionals. We’re all about making doctors feel like they’re a part of our family,” states Mark Chilton, director of the Weatherby Healthcare Surgery Division.

When clinicians initiate a conversation about locum tenens and how it works, oftentimes our response is to find out more about that physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. While there are basic logistics involved with every locum tenens assignment, your purposes for accepting short-term positions are personal and not cookie-cutter. For us to find the best placements for you, we want to get to know you. How do you see temporary positions fitting into your professional life? Do you have specific goals in mind? Are there certain locations on your wish list?

Also, we are committed to assisting you every step of the way, from application to post-assignment evaluation. We’ll become a familiar support system on which you can always rely. Our support hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but oftentimes consultants make themselves accessible to providers no matter the day or time. In fact, the consultant-provider relationship is where you’ll feel that familial bond the strongest, and is nurtured on a deeper level than just casual colleagues.

“We’ve had providers visit consultants’ homes for the holidays. If they’re vacationing in south Florida, consultants may join them for dinner. Providers and consultants meet up at medical conferences,” says Chilton. “It becomes a personal relationship.”

Dr. William Barrett on working with his Weatherby consultant:

Our consultants are specialists

At some staffing agencies, recruiters cover a multitude of medical specialties, placing doctors across various practice areas. At Weatherby Healthcare, our consultants are trained in a specific medical specialty. For example, emergency medicine physicians only communicate with consultants who also specialize in emergency medicine. This enables clear and direct conversations about what’s required for emergency department positions.

“That makes a huge difference in creating successful locum tenens experiences. We also know clients well so we can make great matches,” notes Chilton.

Consultants also coach physicians through the process of securing assignments. They share tips on how to shine during an interview as well as advice on how to gleam the most from a facility’s orientation for smooth acclimation.

Dr. Joan Pellegrini on the benefits of working with a specialist:

Our medical services professionals are subject-matter experts too

There’s no escaping the fact there are more than just a few details involved in placing locum tenens professionals. It begins with our internal credentialing then moves onto licensing through hospital credentialing, and the myriad issues that may arise along the way.

“Our credentialing and licensing experts are industry leaders,” says Chilton. “Every facility is different with their credentialing processes and every state is different in licensing. Our medical services professionals have contacts in the hospitals and regulatory boards and know the processes.”

Locum tenens providers are covered by our malpractice insurance

It’s commonplace for staffing agencies to carry physicians under their malpractice insurance policy for the duration of a temporary contract. However, we want providers to be assured they have our full support and not just the bare minimum. In the event a complaint is waged from an incident that occurred during an assignment, Weatherby Healthcare’s risk-management professionals immediately step in to advise physicians.

“Our in-house risk-management team is with the physician every step of the way, from the very beginning,” Chilton explains. “They have a comprehensive suite of risk-management tools at their disposal that is far and above what other companies offer.”

Weatherby Healthcare handles all travel and housing

This is another industry standard we’ve elevated for our providers. Not only do we book all flights to assignments, reserve a rental car for your stay, and arrange for living accommodations, including furnishings for long-term contracts, but our exclusive internal travel department is always available to iron out unexpected wrinkles.

“Things happen when you travel. If you’re stuck at an airport, we’ll book you into a hotel, and notify clients there’s a travel issue. There’s always someone to reach out to. Personally, I find that reassuring when I’m traveling,” says Chilton.

Locum Tenens Physician at Airport

We’re focused on improving

A key to the quality of our service is that our involvement doesn’t end once a physician arrives on assignment. Consultants check in throughout the contract, and follow up with both provider and client with post-assignment evaluations.

“We want feedback, both positive and negative. What things did we do well and what things need improvement?” explains Chilton. “That’s the only way to know if we missed the mark or hit the bullseye with the locum tenens experience. We need to know that to make sure the next time we do things even better.”

Weatherby Healthcare cares

As a locum tenens company, we connect healthcare professionals with facilities in need of their expertise, but we realize the impact of that action reaches beyond our services.

“Our providers go into assignments to do great work as physicians, and that impacts the local communities. We affect the lives of millions of patients through what our physicians do. That’s the greatest part of working with Weatherby Healthcare,” says Chilton.

“If you’re interested in exploring locum tenens, there are a lot of choices out there, both big and small companies,” he adds. “But Weatherby Healthcare has a commitment to excellence better than any other I’ve seen before.”

Want to learn more about the Weatherby Healthcare difference? Give us a call at 954.343.3050 today or click “Get started” below to view job openings.

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