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Infographic: What Consumers Want From Healthcare

Taking family on locum tenens assignments

Taking family on locum tenens assignmentsThe Advisory Board Company recently surveyed consumers across the U.S. to find out what they expect from healthcare and how they make healthcare decisions. Here are some highlights from the survey.

  • Convenience is a bigger priority for consumers than credentials; in other words, being treated at a convenient time and location is more important than receiving care from a doctor
  • 56 percent of consumers would consider using retail clinics, and 42 percent would consider using email visits when they need primary care
  • Patients are more likely to switch primary care providers if they encounter rude staff, regardless of the doctor’s credentials
  • A new primary care provider in the area doesn’t generally cause patients to switch doctors; they’re more likely to find a new provider if their doctor doesn’t provide satisfactory care
  • While 64 percent of patients still rely on their primary care provider to refer them to a specialist, 34 percent call the specialist themselves to receive care

Get the top findings from the survey, which covered primary care, consumer loyalty and specialist choices, in the infographic below or download it at The Advisory Board website.

Advisory Board infographic

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