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Best locum tenens agencies compared: How Weatherby Healthcare ranked in 2023

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Every year, CHG Healthcare* sponsors a Locum Tenens Awareness and Perception (LTAP) survey that asks physicians how locum tenens agencies compare based on their personal experience. This year, Weatherby Healthcare is pleased to have been recognized by physicians as one of the top-performing locum tenens agencies in nearly every metric. We’re especially proud to have received the highest rating for our friendly and helpful representatives. We also received high scores in the areas of reputation, knowledgeable recruiters, workload, and payroll processing.

For more than 20 years, Weatherby’s highly skilled consultants have helped connect physicians with the best locum tenens jobs in the industry. The company’s extensive network spans all 50 states, providing an unmatched selection of on-site and telehealth options. With industry-leading expertise in locum tenens, Weatherby has empowered thousands of healthcare providers to redefine their practice of medicine. Here’s why we’re one of the top locum tenens agencies.

Work with the best: Why physicians work with Weatherby Healthcare

Weatherby ranks best in terms of agency reputation

A staffing agency’s reputation is significant as it directly influences the quality of assignments, reliability of placements, and overall job satisfaction, ensuring a stable and positive working experience.

Eighty-four percent of providers reported that Weatherby has a strong, positive reputation.

Florida-based pediatric surgeon Dr. Julie Long says she was initially drawn to Weatherby for its reputation, and her expectations were confirmed when she met her recruiter, Carla.

“The organization has a great reputation. And once I met my recruiter, I thought, ‘I don’t need to look any further.’ I don’t think it was Carla that convinced me to do locums, but it was Carla that convinced me I wanted to do locums with Weatherby,” says Dr. Long.

Why Dr. Long likes working with Weatherby

“I can’t imagine not having a high level of trust in the person and organization you’re working with,” she continues. “It’s such a dramatic change from working at one practice, and if you don’t trust the person you’re working with, and they don’t have experience, it could quickly get very chaotic. I think that’s essential.”

Weatherby representatives are deemed friendly and helpful

Working with kind and helpful recruiters is important to locum tenens providers as it fosters a supportive and collaborative relationship, leading to better communication, smoother placements, and an overall positive experience in their temporary healthcare assignments.

Weatherby earned the highest mark for its friendly and helpful representatives. Nearly 90% of providers surveyed responded positively to Weatherby’s representatives.

Dr. Joan Pellegrini, a surgeon based in Maine, says she immediately hit it off with her recruiter, Steven, by having questions answered, building a relationship, and establishing trust.

“I think what really made me connect with Steven right off was just his honesty. We were getting a license in Illinois for my first assignment, and he promised me if my paperwork was in by a certain date, he would have my license prepared in time. He came through, and I really developed a trust in him because he had been doing this for so long that he knew what was needed,” says Dr. Pellegrini.

Dr. Pelligrini tells why she loves Weatherby

“We’ve had a good relationship since then, and I think that’s probably the most important thing,” she says. “I don’t know how you really go out and pick your first company, but once you do, it’s really based on that relationship you have with your recruiter.”

Providers also responded favorably to the statements, “Recruiters treat me like an individual,” and “Knowledgeable recruiters” with respect to the Weatherby experience. These provider insights speak to the critical role that knowledgeable and experienced recruiters play in a successful locum tenens experience.

Chicago-based physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Edward Babigumira echoes the sentiment, sharing, “Weatherby has a really good team. Everything works so smoothly. I’ve never had an issue. The preparation is always good — no surprises. It is a really strong team.”

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Weatherby ensures providers have reasonable workloads

A reasonable workload is crucial for locum tenens providers as it ensures you can maintain high-quality patient care, prevent burnout, and sustain a healthy work/life balance while adapting to various healthcare settings. In fact, many providers are motivated by work/life balance to seek locum tenens work.

Weatherby scored high in respect to reasonable workloads. Dr. Pellegrini was initially drawn to locums when family demands, including aging parents, necessitated more flexibility in her work schedule.

“I think the push was one day just realizing that I needed more flexibility and that my job wasn’t sustainable the way it was. I met with my hospital, and they said, ‘You work full time, or you don’t work,’” says Dr. Pellegrini. “I called my recruiter and asked, ‘If I quit my job, is there going to be enough work out there?’ and my recruiter reassured me, ‘There’s a lot of opportunity out there; don’t worry about that. It’s about how much you want to work.’ That was really what I needed to hear, and I’ve been happy ever since.”

Providers appreciate Weatherby’s easy payroll process

A good payroll process ensures timely and accurate payments, allowing locum tenens physicians to focus on their work without unnecessary financial concerns or disruptions.

The providers surveyed gave Weatherby high marks for its simple and easy payroll process.

Dr. Jim Mock, an emergency medicine physician based in South Carolina, says one of the benefits of working with Weatherby is the company’s streamlined financial processes.

“When you work with a big company like Weatherby, there are a lot of personal benefits,” says Dr. Mock. “At the end of the year when it becomes tax time, I only have one source of revenue, so all of my tax reporting is very streamlined.”

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Why not give Weatherby Healthcare a try?

A majority of physicians surveyed said Weatherby Healthcare was one of the top locum tenens agencies, giving it high marks for great service that enhances their locum tenens experience. We’ll take care of you too. Give us a call at 954.343.3050 to experience the Weatherby difference for yourself.

*CHG Healthcare is the parent company of CompHealth and Weatherby Healthcare. The annual LTAP survey is conducted by an independent, third-party company, Hanover Research.

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