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NP Week: 2015: 10 Things to Know about Nurse Practitioners

AANP infographic

We continue to celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week (Nov. 8-14, 2015), especially as the profession turns 50 years old. Though NPs practice in clinics and hospitals throughout the country, there are still misconceptions about their roles in healthcare delivery. Here are 10 things you should know about nurse practitioners from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners:

  1. Nurse practitioners can prescribe medication in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and hold prescriptive privilege for controlled substances in 49 states.
  2. Only 2 percent of nurse practitioners have been named defendants in malpractice cases.
  3. The average NP is 49 years old.
  4. Nurse practitioners earn an average of $108,643 each year.
  5. Individual nurse practitioners have been in practice an average of 10 years.
  6. Ninety-seven percent of NPs prescribe medications.
  7. Nurse practitioners must earn a master’s or doctorate degree and have advanced clinical training beyond their registered nurse preparation.
  8. Nineteen states allow NPs to practice independently.
  9. The majority (86.5 percent) of nurse practitioners are trained in primary care.
  10. Ninety-five percent of NPs have graduate degrees.

Read this infographic from the AANP below for more information about NPs, and check out our open nurse practitioner jobs.

AANP infographic

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