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The negative effects of physician workload on mental health (and how to address it)

Negative effects of physician workload on mental health

A 2018 Physician Workload Survey conducted by underscores the negative effects heavy workloads are having on physicians’ mental health. It also provides insight into the ways many physicians are coping with these challenges. This infographic explores some of the key findings of the survey. View the full report here.

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Negative effects of physician workload on mental health

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Gerry Carpenter is the managing editor for CHG Healthcare. He is a 20-year marketing veteran who loves to write, edit, and play with words. He enjoys visiting new places, speaks fluent French, and is slowly learning Portuguese and Japanese.

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  • Interesting but not surprising results of this physician mental health survey. That’s a good point to emphasize the importance of the work/life balance of physicians. Doing locum certainly decreases the amount of documentation and administrative tasks of the locus physicians. Also, doing locum in a corporate medicine environment is much more comfortable in terms of physician’s financials, personal and family time, vacation, and healthy (hopefully) “self-care” activities. However, nowadays, the importance of having a personalized practice of medicine, is completely dismissed. In private practice, patients choose their doctors. The mutual therapeutic on going relationship often becomes long term. Personalized medicine is rewarding, it brings a lot of satisfaction both for the patient – who feels considered like a person, not a number – and of course, for the physician who sees the results of his/her treatment and gets to know very well his/her patients. This personalized setting has nothing to do with the professionally detached patient-doctor relationship of corporate medicine that is, at least for me, not professionally rewarding.


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