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Report Finds a Third of Physicians Moonlight

report_300​In its 2013 annual survey, Medical Economics found roughly 33 percent of physicians moonlight outside of their practices. As reported by FiercePracticeManagement, the reasons these clinicians seek additional professional commitments include interest in varying work life, ability to earn extra income, desire to do public service, and wish to diversify skills.

While new physicians choose moonlighting as a way to offset medical school debt, they are not the only demographic seeking secondary employment. According to FiercePracticeManagement, trends discovered in the report defy the previous opinions that “mostly young, debt-ridden residents moonlight for extra income.”

Last year, the age group most likely to have a secondary income was 50 to 54, followed closely by 45 to 49, 55 to 59, and 60 to 64. As said by practice management consultant and Medical Economics editorial consultant Judy Bee, this statistic isn’t surprising. Bee believes many physicians moonlight in order to get part-time work in place for retirement.

Renal & Urology News also shared insights on the Medical Economics report, stating more men reported secondary income than women. And physicians in rural communities reported earning additional income more often than those in inner cities and urban areas.

The following breakdown by specialty was given for the percentage of physicians who reported secondary income:

  • 25 percent of pediatricians
  • 27 percent gastroenterologists
  • 35 percent internists
  • 36 percent family medicine/general practitioners
  • 38 percent cardiologists
  • 40 percent hospitalists

Additionally, physicians who reported extra income typically experienced higher patient volumes. But these providers also performed extra hospital work, consulting, clinical trials, and locum tenens assignments.

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